Awara aurat / A licentious woman

I have heard someone singing these verses between subconscious thoughts. I asked him  who and what they were about and he told me he heard these from a friend.

The verses were so beautiful, that one remembered them, how one would not forget the lingering glimpse of a beautiful woman they had once seen. It was about an adamant love for something flawed and within its flaws, there was uniqueness.   

The work is like the playing of an old record player, which skips as it plays, and as it skips it somewhere enhances the meanings and even to some extent changes the point of emphasis.

The song transforms the character of the woman in question and with the skipping of the player, her beauty and integrity seems to be downcast for an attribute that did not define her.



The one I loved was a lewd woman,   

Which was why she was very straightforward,

With exceptional beauty she would come and decorate my room,

As she would advance her lips, she would say, ‘here, drink sweet nectar’,

And she would say, ‘I needed a partner like you’,

I used to think she was an angel from heaven, a beacon of light,

I used to think she was the queen of flowers,

The one I thought was a goddess was actually a stone idol,

I used to laugh those days, I was in a habit of laughing,

People used to come and tell me, she is like this and that,

I used to reply with sarcasm that I too know what she is,

She was not like this, nor is she like this, nor will she ever be like this,

O God, this mistrust on a goddess, what kind of a world of yours is this