A Guide to Nonsensical Dreams

The perpetual negotiation of what we have and what we want is the arena where our realities and
desires meet in battle. This body of work speaks of that confrontation; given birth by the
discrepancy between the actualities of our existence and that which we have no control over, our
There is a life we live in the fictional world of our imagination, the one we desire. This is what we
choose to disregard everyday and drudge on with our lives.
It is, however, not forgotten… Like beams of sunlight, seeping through door services and windows,
the glimpses of another reality; they permeate within us. Where we can see something, but not
everything… where there is still something left to experience.
In these obscure times, it seems we are forced to dream.
When it feels like the reality we were used to living has almost fuzzed out, blurring our vision, the
present poses a confusion question… What is our reality? And the artist answers; maybe the reality
we knew was a dream and we have just woken up or maybe we have just gone to sleep…