Black Umbrella

The idea of the performance is rooted in the sense of unease that comes with the moral obligation to oblige those who donate help. The unsaid and unwanted bond becomes unshakable at times. It weighs profoundly on the conscience, sometimes almost becoming a metaphysical elephant that occupies all of one’s mental space.

This performance toys with the realization that help, if not always, mostly has strings attached. We may choose to act ignorant concerning these strings and continue to trudge on with life in the comfort of our oblivious bless or their unsolicited presence may start invading our personal spaces.

The performance pushes the audience to realize their own ‘human behavior’, how they react in certain situations and do acts of kindness, whether sought for or not, affect them or make them uncomfortable.

In performace, A group of soberly dressed individuals carrying black umbrellas. When the performance commences, each of these individuals starts following any one member of the audience; sheltering them with an umbrella. They quietly and closely, follow the viewer wherever he goes till the point the viewer responds or decides to leave the premises.