Choose your words carefully

Working with the principles of text and their context, Muzzumil in this exhibition ‘Choose Your Words Carefully’, is sharing a body of work that reflects his current state of mind.

The observer in Ruheel watches the everyday as if he is a cog that is part of a greater machinery, yet he stays a silent witness collecting evidence. As an artist, he dissects where we have arrived: in a time where the sanctioned sanitation of ideas and thoughts has led to the sterilisation of speech.  There seems to be a smokescreen that conceals intent, and carefully chosen words are chosen so carefully that they have become meaningless.

The exhibition presents works that have been perceived as obscure form of text that places the viewer in the artist’s landscape. Here, norm dictates that speaking your mind or speaking in a certain way is not allowed.

How does one converse then?

The artist believes that globally, a new language has been organically developing in our subconsciousness. And this new language of the millennium needs a universal script so that it may become part of life, it may be used globally, it may be taught formally and may even become the future official language of the world someday.

Muzzumil is working on developing this script, and this exhibition is a satirical reflection of that belief.