Confessions of the wait

Waiting; the inaudible playground for the mind’s festival. It holds an interesting complexity of time with  an unexplainable sensation and a mysterious tranquillity.  Coupled with idle moments slipping away, the yearning for its ending carries a mystifying bittersweet beauty.

Lost within this whirlpool of thoughts, feelings, self-reflections and recollections; one can become overwhelmed and these thoughts either turn into moments of joyful reminisce or burdens on one’s consciousness making them lose their presence in reality.

Sometimes however, there passes a moment of such gravitas that it becomes an everlasting instance of epiphany and leaves immeasurable impact .

Underlaying through all of this is the feeling of transition, from a temporary trance like existence back to the real world.

This body of work is a collection of the confessed thoughts and feelings during the period of waiting.