History Class

‘History Class’ is a compilation of extracts of my interactions as I fictionally live through history and its literature. I live somewhere within the history I read and I witness those documented events through my stories as a writer. I place myself within the different chapters of the past and I get to interact with all the major characters through the ages, back and forth irrespective of a time line. I live their truths; their realities and I realize the lies and contradictions through my fiction. Every account presented by history has multitudes of perspectives and what one sees or remembers is that which has been given importance and documentation while a lot of the small details are overlooked. My narrative is about that undocumented time. The stories and images, before and after those documented narratives.

One session in a history class has so much more to tell, there are so many stories and so many perspectives missing. If one were to try to justify this theory, there wouldn’t be enough time and space; the incessant flow of information would blacken pages, text over text over text, that which may look like a black board. The ambiguity in meaning is complimented by the darkness of ink and the text that hides in plain view and shines unexpectedly.