In other wor(l)ds

In this  body of work Ruheel brings to life words that discreetly assimilate into our surroundings. The project integrates his interaction with the metaphysical space. The feelings that live within a space and dictate its temporary nature; ever changing with human emotions and instances.

A space of confusion or anticipation, excitement, boredom, love, anger and so on… every instance lives within the space that experiences it and is absorbed inside it.

These invisible interactions of space and experience become the subject of the subsequent dialogue with the artist.

This is an ongoing dialogue that incessantly continues for Muzzumil. Everywhere he goes, these invisible instances step out of their hiding spaces and walk with him, they follow him wherever he goes. Ruheel’s trajectory acts as a catalyst for bringing these intangible occurrences into their physicality; helping their formation from one plane to another. Here Muzzumil invites his viewers to step into his eerie landscape, where they can interact with all that silently inhabits the space around us; witness them and watch them inaudibly watch us.

He is transporting intangible discourses into a physical manifestation ; based on the discourse that ensue with the inanimate spaces.