Point of No Return

One after another, a crumpled paper ball would hit the wall as if he was trying to write something, but the words… the words just did not want to stand beside him. Every time, a new paper, as if he was inviting them for a new beginning, writing is all he knows, but no one understands whatever he does; he is standing at the point of no return.

 This body of work is about a poet who is unable to write anything and these works are reflections of his struggle, his attempts to find harmony in the world of words, the balance between reality and fiction, his responses, his satire, his quest to find his own existence and his ceaseless dilemma of to trying to do things according to the books.

He questions and examines actualities of his reality; are words louder than humans? Are words heavier than thoughts? Are words themselves deep or their emphasis? Are words silent or is silence quieter.