The last things

One leaves an imprint on the space they occupy. Their effects that fill the space give it character and a life. Memories then inhabit the space and the things within them, and associations that become entwined with these interiors. The space becomes theirs irrespective of ownership.

‘The last things’ was a site-specific installation that observed the transitions of an owner from one space to the next, and in doing so packing, removing and even leaving their effects behind. It is an account of those last things that are under consideration of whether to be taken to the next transitional space or to be left behind.

For instance, the memories that made the armchair special, like the paint fading from the armrest where Baba Jee (grandfather) used to keep his hands or the knitting of the seating coming off from where little Billu jumped on it… these memories that define the worth of the chair. To be taken or just left behind like junk. In the same way, art works, packed and sitting to be taken. The ladder, used for removing the more dear objects, and then left behind… not sure if it has any value to be taken too.