we shall meet here

In the project “We Shall Meet Here,” the words, laughter, and jokes that have been left unheard manifest as living beings and are very much present around us in public spaces. These spectral entities silently observe us. Muzzumil Ruheel invites viewers to explore the unseen layers of existence, going beyond the surface of reality. This immersive experience allows us to engage with the intangible and understand the impact of overlooked narratives on our collective consciousness. In these public spaces, the project “We Shall Meet Here” uncovers hidden narratives that reside between documented accounts. It breaks away from traditional methods of looking at history, connecting us with untold stories and forgotten memories that inhabit the walls surrounding us. The project presents a fictional landscape, seamlessly integrating augmented reality. It transports viewers to an alternate dimension where they can experience the subtle humor and laughter often absent from historical records. Ruheel’s artistry brings these hidden aspects of history to life, offering a fresh perspective. “We Shall Meet Here” invites us to uncover the narratives and memories that exist in the gaps of documented history. By dissolving the boundaries between the past and the present, Ruheel’s fusion of art, technology, and storytelling forges personal connections with the hidden narratives that shape our collective identity. Prepare to be captivated by an art form that defies expectations, provokes contemplation, and broadens our understanding of history. “We Shall Meet Here” guides us to explore the concealed, offering a unique perspective on the world we inhabit. In this project where art and history intertwine, it enables us to reconnect on a deeper level.